La Geria

Despedida a D.Juan de Borbón

La Geria

Sagrada Familia
Cama con dosel (Ayto. Teguise)

Sculpture and Furnitures

1990- The beginning of his studies in restoration and sculpture in wood with Professor Domingo Abreut, in the artschool Pancho Lasso of Arrecife, intensifying his knowledge with the Professor´s team by taking part in the restoration of several important places such as:San Gines Church; the History archives of Teguise; the Church of Guadalupe; restoring the furniture of the Spinola House of Teguise; the Guanapay Castle; the Museum of Emigrants; the Delegation of the University of Las Palmas in Teguise, Lanzarote.
He did work for the Cabildo of Fuerteventura such as the door in high relief (2.00 x 0.90m.) now found at the Museum of Betancuria, with the landscape of the town and depicting donkies at the threshing floor. He also expanded his personal talent in designing the bed with canopy that can be found at the Peraza Home in Los Valles as well as works of high recognition at The Mountain Of Fire; the Sacred Family in mahogany as a tribute to Antonio Gaudi; View of Montserrat in mahogany with a detail of the monastery as a tribute to Catalonia; the countrymen dancing a double malagueña in real size (1.60 x 2.00 m. and 140 kg.)carved in morera and dedicated to the folklore of Lanzarote ; the busts of ; Antonio Corujo reciting verses of the salinero; Jacques Cousteau when he visited Tenerife; Mijail Gorvachov on his visit to Lanzarote with Raisa; the King and Queen at Don Juan´s funeral taken from a photograph by San Millan that later was given the Prince of Asturias Prize for Photography, all done in mahogany and in high relief, the bust in natural size of Fernando Padron, surgeon and brother of Antonio, done in tinted mahogany; the mirror “chain of life” in mahogany and where plants, birds and woman are depicted; farmers of Lanzarote in mahogany where camels are working next to men; the gathering of the potato crop, scene of Lanzarote´s agriculture; fishing la vieja at Graciosa Island with Fariones Point in the background; several landscapes inspired by La Geria representing the laborous efforts of farmers who obtain their products using the method of volcanic ash on a rainless island; awards for the Federation of canary wrestling as tributes to the best referee of the year for 4 consecutive years; a sculpture done in morera of a craftswoman(1.60x 0.60m.) placed on the Plaza de los leones in Teguise; the heraldic coat of arms of the Spinolas (1.20 x1.00 m.) for the Spinola Museum;a traditional rocking crib with organic forms in relief done in morera; the reforming of the façade of the Restaurant Iguaden in Tias by a sign carved in morera and sculptures at the entrance with interior lumination in iron, glass and wooden cactus; the tree carved on the sign of Mirador del Valle Restaurant in Teguise; the decoration of the Iguaden Galleries at La Ines street with its signs in clay coffered in wood, interiors in concrete, volcanic rock and glass; Hannover II Restaurant with its carvings, cofferings and wooden bars, old photographs framed in stone, traditional wooden furniture; the entrance to La Cañada Restaurant in Puerto del Carmen; the restoration of coffering, masonry and chimney for the house of Clemencia Velasquez in La Antigua, Fuerteventura; on the same island he also restored and enlarged the house of Felipe Hernandez and the house of Pepa Hernandez along with its furnishings and interior arches; for different designs he perpetuated drawings in perspective in wash color as in the Avenida Las Playas Restaurant, design of the apartments in Los Lagos, El Cotillo, the homes Los Villareales in Tias, the Pitufo buildings at El Cotillo, the design of the Casa Chalet and others.


Trofeo Federación de Lucha

Montserrat (Barcelona)

Escena Agrícola

Sendo (Trofeo de Lucha)