Works in Tias

Lanzarote, Reserve of the Biosphere is, along with Fuerteventura the eastern most island of the Canarian archipelago formed by more than three hundred volcanoes where the diversity of colors and shapes make it very special. The municipality of Tias is located almost in the very center of the island, five minutes from Puerto del Carmen ( the most important nucleous of tourism)and ten minutes from the airport and the capital of the island(Arrecife). As far as infrastructure, Tias has the best in its planning.It also has a great variety of social services, making it an enviable area in which to live and invest
In 2000 he began a project in Tias, 24 homes, with great enthusiasm. His objective was the creation of something different, harmonious, kind and grateful with its surroundings.
This project is a tribute to one of the most beautifully excepcional places on this planet: Lanzarote.
One of the fundamental aspects of this project is in its different levels, the richness of movement, the normal way it adapts to land, without breaking or altering, molding itself to mother earth, like a tree that opens its roots and grows harmoniously.
The stones of Lanzarote ! how not so ! have a leading role as elements in this project.and can be found all over the the front in their exclusive shapes, with their color, body, porosity, elegance and power, giving an unmistakable taste of Lanzarote.
Of all the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is ( or was) the one with the greatest variety and beauty of traditional chimnies. Right now they are harder to find, almost in “danger of extinction”. One of the ideas is to rescue them from being forgotten so we would be satisfied if with this project they were recovered and seen more and more all over the island because they represent a fundamental aspect of traditional architecture of Lanzarote. They were an important element, eliminating odors from homes and keeping the supply of oxigen renewed. We have recuperated them in this project and they spring out arrogantly, proudly, elegantly, spaciously, linking their whiteness with the marvelous blue skies of this land. Each one is different, each with its own personality, in this way demonstrating the richness of variety and diversity as in the world itself.
Along with traditional elements like stone and chimnies naturalistic, avant-garde concepts have been integrated in the designing of the interior stairs and balustrades, combining their forms in concrete with plasticity to adapt itself to the ample color offered by gresite. Each stairwell has its own exclusive design, each one distinguished by flowers that tie, lines that form a rainbow, suns that display their rays, etc. A world of creativity and fantasy that shows its power when people are introduced to it. Even birdnests fit into some of the interior façades, gardens climb the walls of the structures, embracing it, integrating everything in one sole element. As if the creation had emerged naturally from the depths of earth.
In short, a cocktail where elements from the past and the future are mixed: traditional, naturalistic, avant-garde elements that result in a product with a special aura that differentiates it in every aspect from conventional constructing. If you feel identified with this idea, if you want to be a part enjoying the enviable climate and view¡¡¡ there is still time!!!!