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The Soria Seminar, organized by the Foundation Duques de Soria, from the 12 -16 of July, 2004 titled “Fantastic Architecture in Contemporary Spain”, was directed by Juan Antonio Ramiréz, Professor in History of Art by the Autonomous University of Madrid . Eleven other professors from different Spanish universities, representing the autonomous communities, participated in this seminar, among them Francisco Galante, Professor in History of Art by the universities of La Laguna and Lobaina who presented a conference called “Fantastic Architecture in lands of fire and lava”.He explained four existing examples in the Canaries of different, various interpretations.
As a result, 62 works from all of Spain were selected as the most interpreted and of greatest relevance, in the ten subjects included in the index, section 5;” Gaudirreoide style” (apotheosis of the trencadis and other organic deliriums) the following were chosen as those of greater representation.

• Gardens of the Mental Hospital of San Boi de Llobregat ( Barcelona).
• Home and Pantheon of trencadis in Lorca.
• Casa de la Ilusión (Fuerteventura). Antonio Padrón
• El Capricho de Cotrina en Los Santos de Maimona (Badajoz)

In chapter 7: The home of the artist:sanctuary, workshop, theater

• Home of Dali in Portlligat
• Home of Cesar Manrique in Taro de Tahiche ( Lanzarote).
• Home-Museum of Salaguti ( Sasamón, Burgos).
• Can Miró (Pollenca).
• The mundo-limite de Man in Camelle.

“The house of Dreams”
Twenty years after being designed, “the house of Dreams” was included in a book (the first of its´kind in Europe and the third worldwide), edited by “Siruela” which is directed by Professor Juan Antonio Ramiréz. This publication resulted from the Seminar on history of art which took place in Soria, 12-16 of july, 2004 and the Service of Publications from the Autonomous University of Madrid and was published in april,2006.