When he came to Lanzarote he participated in the creation of ADERLAN( Association for the rural development of Lanzarote in the European program LIDER taking part in the management. In 1994 he founded ALA (Association of craftsmen of Lanzarote), of which he has been president for several years. With the iniciative of the university of Tenerife and ADERLAN the island commission of craftsmen was proposed and created. With the help of José Maria Barreto, public official from the Cabildo he instituted a project for comercialization of handicrafts with the participation of ADERLAN and the Cabildo; he organized the Regional Confederation of craftsmen of the Canaries(CREARCA), constituted 9-11-2002 in Santa Brigida, Gran Canary, with the participation of Manos Majoreras from Fuerteventura along with the Alpende Association of Santa Brigida, Artenor from Guia in Grand Canary.
He was a member of Foro por Lanzarote and with other companions founded Alternativa Ciudadana, a political party.
He took part in the first assemblies originating the founding of Asamblea Majorera at the beginning of the ´70ies. Later on he was also founding member of the Party of Democratic Action( P.A.D.), lead by Francisco Fernández Ordoñez and that would later be P.S.O.E (Party of socialist workers of Spain). He was Secretary for this organization at La Oliva, Fuerteventura.