(1) The Miller brothers founded the Miller house in Las Palmas at the beginning of last century, and they later created a shipping company. They organized the exportation of barrilla (a plant used for the elaboration of soap) from Fuerteventura to England. They worked out the first map of main streets in Puerto del Rosario, formerly Puerto Cabras, where the historical center of the town was.
Extraposofía: A new concept discovered by the author, based on the idea of man being wrapped in spherical forms: his home, his third skin. This concept emerges in a natural way by man and his surroundings: time and space saving, maximum variety, economy and endurance. It is adaptation to the environment, a concentration of strength that ends traditional architectural patterns, constantly working with spheres. It is a multiplan as it has different perspectives, never the same edges, enriching his art. It is linked to the same concept of the creation of planets: the Big Bang, that explains the concentration of matter around one point, always in a spherical form, between mass and volumn, greater force. If the habitability is developed (use and space), matter or structure in one sole direction in space, it will break away from the main nucleous because of its own weight and distance. This philosophy can be applied not only to the creation of an object, a house, enriching mankind internally and externally and be of social use.