Nature as the mother of science and man´s inspiration enclosing every law discovered or ignored.

His work is enriched with the theory of the creation of the universe, specifically with the Big Bang, when space and time take their place and the laws of physics are accomplished, with the emerging force of gravity. Later, explaining the reason for a concentration of matter around it, always in a sherical form, entering more mass, higher strength of gravity, by pressure, weight and the volume of matter, emerging an energy from the nucleus capable of binding or exploding and beginning the process all over. More so , when the universe inflates and deflates it multiplies many times, going from the size of a proton to that of a star or galaxy. It is at this time that the artist concentrates on the shape that nature chose: the sphere, as maximum resource, economizing space and time, resistance, variety of climates, situations and infinite plans around the nucleus and even the composition of interior micro-spheres inside the main one with their own dimension and mission to conform the larger one. He situates man as the marrow of his own existence and his spherical home in addition to being the center that the force of the designer irradiates.
He also coincides with the ideas of the psychoanalyst
Carl Gustav Jung. He himself was studious of the oriental philosophy MANDALA, analyzing the drawings his patients did in circumference. We understand that our extraposofía is a multi-mandala that wraps mankind, his most imediate necesities, his space, his home, organized all around a point that is the same system as the birth of a planet: energies generated by nature and observed by man.